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MMORPGs (or MMOs) are a fun way to pass the time, especially when you’re bored out of your mind. Browser based MMOs are great if you’re bored at the office (I won’t tell your boss) or on a school computer waiting for class to end. If you’re wondering, MMORPG stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, which means you’ll be playing a certain character with a certain role (like a wizard or a warrior) in an atmosphere with hundreds, thousands, or even millions of other people. You’ll be fighting enemies, monsters and sometimes other players to level up (or grind as they say in the MMO community) gaining EXP, or experience points. When your character gains enough EXP your character gains a level. When your character grows in level his or her abilities do too. Usually as you level up you will gain stat increases like strength, magic, or health which help in your quests to fight off enemies, as well as new techniques for fighters or spells if you choose to play a magic-user. Some of these abilities are really cool like summoning fireballs or new ways to use your weapons such as a whirlwind attack with a sword.

Typically top browser MMORPG have a fantasy like setting such as fighting dragons and saving maidens in distress in medieval times, but you can find MMOs in all sorts of different and unique landscapes such as outer space, the wild west, or even places ravaged by zombies. There’s no limit to the creativity. If you like video games, gaining strength, and achieving victory through hard work, then odds are if you look hard enough there will be an awesome MMO for you.

Browser based MMOs allow you to experience these wonderful expansive worlds without having to download anything. You’ll be able to play them through your browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla, and Chrome. Most of them you’ll be able to play on their own, but in a few of the graphically intense MMOs you’ll have to have certain plugins like Flash installed. Most of the time, though, you’ll have them installed already, so there’s usually nothing to worry about.

Playing browser based MMOs are as simple as using your mouse and keyboard. In some MMOs you’ll use your mouse cursor to go through menus, click on items, and tell your character what to do and which enemies to fight. If your MMO’s controls use a lot of keyboard keys, you might find yourself using either the arrow keys near your numeric pad or the W A S and D keys to move around, which has been the default for PC based gaming since its inception. A lot of times MMOs take advantage of hotkeys, which help save a lot of time in selecting an item or ability by switching to them with a single keystroke instead of having to flip through endless menus to find them. The number keys right above the letter keys on a typical keyboard are usually reserved for that purpose, although some MMOs let you customize and map out your controls.

MMORPGs have always been an easy way to pass the time and have fun, especially if you’re a gamer. Some can be really addicting, so watch out! I’ve had many a friend miss out on homework assignments because the games were so fun. In the end, if you like games, are near a computer, and need a break or some way to pass the time, a browser based MMORPG that you can find in a good MMO gaming portal can be the best way to go.

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