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Vacuum Cleaner Reviews – Finding The Very Best Vacuum For You

Finding the best machine to meet your needs can easily be a overwhelming undertaking, simply because there are lots of manufacturers, plus hundreds of different models to select from. Just where do you start and exactly how can you narrow the choices? Let us begin by taking a look at the top four questions consumers ask when it is time to purchase a new vacuum.

Canister versus Upright – – Which is More Effective?

Back in the day, canisters were preferred for hard floor surfaces and upright vacuums were recommended for rugs and carpeting. Even though that was the standard, nowadays that line is blurred by multipurpose vacuums which are outfitted and accessorized to handle just about any surface found in today’s houses.

Carpeting needs a vacuum cleaner that has a power-driven brush roll to thoroughly clean as well as rejuvenate carpet fibers. Hard floors need a non-motorized brush roll or a separate wand together with an eight to ten in. wide flooring brush. You don’t ever want to use a motor-driven floor head for hard floor work or you run the risk of damaging the flooring. If you need to vacuum both carpets and hard flooring, make sure the vacuum cleaner you ultimately choose includes a powered brushroll which can be operated via an on/off switch or that automatically turns itself off whenever the vacuum cleaner is in the parked position.

What’s The Recommended Vacuum For People With Respiratory Allergies?

You have undoubtedly read about H.E.P.A. filtration, in fact, many vacuum cleaners available today include H.E.P.A. (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters or dust bags as standard equipment. HEPA filtration removes particles right down to .3 microns, which is smaller than pollen, mold, pet dander, and most household dust and other irritants, all of which can easily worsen allergies. However, a HEPA filtration system is only as good as the vacuum cleaner surrounding it, which means, 100 percent of the air flow must move through both the containment vessel and the filtration system for HEPA filtration to do any good. The very best HEPA vacuum cleaner should have a completely-sealed system in order that absolutely no unfiltered air can escape, therefore the air will be fresher and cleaner, creating a much healthier indoor environment.

What Exactly Is The Very Best Vacuum For Homes With Pets?

It doesn’t take long for the fur to begin flying, literally, once you introduce dogs and cats into your home. With both cats and dogs comes increased vacuuming so that you can keep pace with shedding, dander, and dust. Pets that are indoor/outdoor animals, bring still more dirt and debris into the home.

Lots of machines are actually marketed at cat and dog owners with words such as “Animal” or “Pet” as part of their names. The actual label on the vacuum isn’t important, the quality of its features are what count. Most high quality vacuum cleaners with terrific suction and a top quality, powered beater bar will perform effectively in a animal environment.

One of the leading websites for vacuum cleaner reviews says, “The ability to vacuum up pet hair has less to do with the style of the vacuum cleaner than with its beater bar bristle design and vacuuming power.”

Bagged Or Bagless . . . Which One Is Better?

You will find pluses and minuses to both. Bagged vacuums are generally a bit more sanitary when emptying the vacuum cleaner, however, replacement bags can be expensive, fill up quickly, as well as harbor pet together with other odors to be released back into your house every time the vacuum is used.

Bag-less vacuum cleaners are normally emptied after each and every use and in most cases utilize washable filters, consequently there is no place to harbor odors, leaving your home smelling much cleaner. Bag-less vacuum cleaners are also a lot more cost effective over the lifetime of the vacuum given that you don’t have any bags to buy.

Now that you’ve got a good idea of just what you’re interested in, you can start reading vacuum cleaner reviews of the best vacuums for your needs. A good place to start is at, they do comprehensive testing and reviews of vacuums of all different types and price.

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