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Computer Games And Their Influence On Mentality

With the advent of computers almost there were simultaneously also computer games which have found set of admirers among users. Games developed and refined attracting more and more people. The modern games offer beautifully drawn three-dimensional world which having played is possible to accept for present because of quality the image and audio effects.

Games and the problems connected to them take the second place in the list of computer harms (after illnesses of sight). At first, there is a powerful game industry which promotes development of the negative phenomena connected to computer games. Secondly, computer games are associated with hazardous, present danger.

Development of game technologies leads to growth of an amount of fans to play – gamers. Among gamers there are different people – watchmen, principals of the large companies, housewives, journalists or artists and, of course, programmers, designers and system administrators.

However there are those who leaves in game from a reality. Serious problems begin here. Game replaces to such people the real world. Their circle of contacts is narrow, other activity is directed on satisfaction of the elementary needs and all remaining is subordinated to game.

From time to time sentences are distributed to eradicate “game harm“. It is impossible to tell that similar cases – an invention of journalists, however to accuse all fans of computer games and to forbid games as an entertainment type is not necessary.

Influence of computer games on the person has set of aspects. If you too much time spend at the computer there happen problems with sight, with a backbone, hands, mentality and a dream, and also information overloads.

Game demands steadfast attention. Playing, the person practically without coming off looks at the screen that causes a syndrome of dry eyes.

The durable games also influence a dream and mentality: if to play long and then to go to bed, such sharp transition is fraught with problems with a dream – having closed eyes the player will see patterns of game which hinder to fall asleep. Especially often such situation arises with rather simple games with a repeating picture – “Tetris”, “Sapper” or Lines. Subconscious operation of a brain not only complicates attempt to fall asleep but also does a dream poor-quality. Similar dreams tire even more: the person can sleep time enough, however such dream is impossible to name high-grade rest.

Recently game dependence often compare with narcotic, alcoholic and others more known. It is impossible to tell that they are equally dangerous, however they have general origins. Any dependence grows out of psychological problems which lead to its development. The dependence type is alcohol, drugs or gaming is a matter of luck, result of display of the environment in which the person lives. For this reason if game dependence was showed it is not necessary to hide disks and to address to the psychologist.

Computers have become an inalienable part of our life. PCs are used not only for business purposes but for entertainment as well. There exist so many computer games today – motorcycle games, RPG games, shooters, etc. But if you would like to play a game just to relax and you are not fond of gaming or you want to save money, take advantage of free games. In addition you can look for games online, for example free online racing games. In this way you even don’t need to go somewhere – the online network can offer you many things you might need.

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