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Work With The Computer During Pregnancy

Whether the computer is harmful to the health, what influence is rendered by it on a human body? Probably, such questions set any user of the personal computer — both the professional programmer and the fan to wander on the Internet … Any woman working on the computer having confirmed the suspicions about pregnancy, naturally, will aspire to learn as much as possible about influence of the computer on health of the user and according to the received information the decision will make, whether to continue work or on year-one and a half to refuse a miracle of modern technics. When a stomach rest against the keyboard: what dangers trap pregnant women at work with the computer?, in which the medical aspect of the given problem is considered.) lawyers and we can popularly explain what measures (organizational, technical) it is necessary to accept, on what to pay attention in order not to admit such situation which physicians consider dangerous.

After all the less we know about any phenomenon the more of it we are afraid, it acquires that considerable quantity of myths and prejudices. Mysterious radiations and magnetic fields disturb us the incomprehensibility, mystery: it is something invisible, intangible — and owing to it capable “to get into the depths of an organism and to do it improbable harm“. What to do? Never to come nearer to the computer? To be fenced off from “radiation” by a wall from indoor plants? To get rid of excessive fears and errors … let’s simply remember physics.
The computer technics is a place of accumulation of a static electricity and also a source of radiations and the electromagnetic fields which are potentially hazardous to health of the person, especially at misuse.

Actually, all these phenomena (radiation, electromagnetic fields) aren’t connected exclusively with the computer, they are present both at the nature and in a life. So, for example, the charge of a static electricity is accumulated, say, by a usual hairbrush.

From all devices connected with the computer, the greatest potential health hazard of the person is represented by the monitor as at the monitor rather high level of radiation is combined with small enough distance from a human body.

The radiation of the monitor directed directly towards the user, sharply falls proportionally to removal from the screen, and here the electromagnetic field extends extensively and if in front it is somewhat weakened by a shadow mask and kinescope armature from lateral and back walls it extends free.

Taking into account these facts the sanitary code accepted today establishes the minimum distance from the screen to the user about 50-70 sm (length of an outstretched arm), and the nearest from lateral and back walls of the monitor of workplaces is not less than 1,5 m. The keyboard and hands of the operator also should be located on the greatest possible distance from the monitor.

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