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The Women Health And The Computer

Successful landing!

Now we will talk about those problems which are caused not by the computer. So, we are compelled to sit at the computer. But how we sit and what as a result we receive depends exclusively on us. In an hour of such “work” you will have the headache and an ache in a waist, the neck and shoulders will grow dumb, there will be hands in brushes.

In a year-one and a half of similar “landing” it is possible to get a lot of illnesses. Hands start to grow dumb, fingers lose sensitivity, there are constant aching pains in joints.

One more complication of a wrong pose is “a writing spasm”. 100 years ago it was observed at clerks in lawyer offices after copying of documents lasting many hours – the right hand reduced from pressure, there was an acute pain and constraint at movement of fingers. Now this misfortune gets to those who without interruption knocks on the keyboard having lowered wrists more low than brushes.

The best decision of all problems set forth above – purchase of a special working armchair (with the regulated height of a seat and a back and with armrests) and landing to it by a rule of “three corners”: knees under a table one right angle, a line of hips and a back – the second form, the hands bent in an elbow joint, – the third. Shovels should lean against an armchair back. Shoulders are lowered, the chin doesn’t nestle on a neck. The table edge at all doesn’t press from below on hands.

In breaks it is very quite good to do a light massage of brushes of hands: to stroke brushes from finger-tips upwards on a forearm. And also from time to time to lift tired hands upwards and to move with fingers, to improve venous outflow of blood.

The women suffering a premenstrual syndrome and inclined to spasms sitting in front of the computer shouldn’t pull together a waist with narrow belts. And it is desirable for all (if a situation allows on a workplace) to dismiss a thong to unbutton from time to time a button on a close belt of trousers or skirts.

To have a rest without distracting

In an ideal all women working at the computer should arrange each half an hour 2-3-minute rest for eyes and each hour to be engaged in 10-minute gymnastics for all the rest. However at a hard work it is impossible to distract so often. How to be with health?

In order our muscles have a rest and have relaxed is enough 2-3 minutes. Therefore change a pose more often – lean back on a chair back having thrown back a head back and having directed a pensive sight in a ceiling.

Learn, having reflected, to translate a sight from the computer screen for a window. At some offices for this purpose specially establish an aquarium: contemplation of water and small fishes calms but doesn’t break concentration. And still. Each two hours you all the same should do the big 20-minute breaks, it is desirable with walk outside of a working premise.

Attention: children and teenagers should do breaks by all medical rules!

Computers have become an integral part of our life. PCs are used not only for business purposes but for entertainment as well. There exist so many computer games today – motorcycle games, RPG games, shooters, etc. But if you want to play a game just to relax and you are not a fan of gaming or you want to save money, avail yourself of free games. In addition you can search for games online, for example free online racing games. Thus you even don’t need to go somewhere – the online network can offer you many things you might need.

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