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Computer Games — Myth Exposure

Games aren’t such awful “devourer of a brain“ as many think.

It appears, computer games develop some skills of children. For example, attentiveness, a motility of fingers, children are improved in foreign languages (English). There are games developing storage, attention, response, logical thinking, even programming essentials. There are special educational games, after all for a long time it is known that knowledge is better acquired if it is presented in the form of game.

There is a judgement that games badly influence formation of the person, especially at children, cause isolation from real life, from society, and further such children badly contact in collective, cause aggression of the child. But foreign psychologists researched these aspects of the person and it has turned out absolutely reverse. Children (and adults) which played computer games became in due course more erudite, sociable. And concerning aggression – so it has absolutely turned out that if there is no aggression in the child it won’t be and if there are such inclinations – so let this aggression in game instead of in real life.

Not games but a carelessness of parents have appeared a principal minus. After all buying a film you look whether it is possible to watch to your children of school age, look about what this film. Also it should be with games. And if to try a little it is possible to pick up to the child such collection of different games which will develop your child comprehensively and in any certain directivity.

And the second fact is time which the child leads at the computer. At the correct organization of an operation mode at the computer no harm for health of the child will exist.

And with children of advanced age if also there was such problem it is necessary to understand more deeply. Often teenagers leave in the virtual life because of problems in real life, in the core it is problems of psychological character. In virtuality the child searches (and RECEIVES) that can’t receive for any reasons in real life. Here it is already a problem. Probably, you can, having analyzed a situation and having talked “heart-to-heart”, to help, probably it is necessary to address to the expert (psychologist), for detection of the latent nuances.

The same concerns also adult people, but the adult can think by themselves.
Game is a useful occupation but only in a reasonable dosage.

Computers have become an inalienable part of our life. PCs are used not only for business purposes but for entertainment as well. There are so many computer games today – motorcycle games, RPG games, shooters, etc. But if you would like to play a game just to spend some time and you are not a fan of gaming or you want to save money, take advantage of free games. In addition you can look for games online, for example free online racing games. In this way you even don’t need to go somewhere – the Internet can offer you many things you might need.

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