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How to make Tombstones for Halloween

Halloween Tombstones

Halloween Tombstones

My son loves Halloween and so do I, so this year we are going to really work on our yard to make it as spooky as we can. The first thing we wanted to do was make some Tombstones since he wanted to have a lot of them we decided to try to make them ourselves turns our they are not all that hard to make and the final product looked great!

This is what you’ll need:
3/4″ Styrofoam Insulation
2″ Styrofoam Insulation (or whatever you want)
Flat black spray paint
Wire coat hanger
Spray adhesive or glue gun
Utility knife

1)Cut out the shape of your tombstones
Every How-To I read over the weekend said you only need a utility knife to cut the Styrofoam, but that wasn’t working out             for me. 2” thick piece of Styrofoam is pretty thick so I got out the hand saw and started sawing… That worked great!             Measured 16” wide tombstones which got us a total of 8 larger size tombstones and 2 smaller tombstones from one large sheet             of Styrofoam.  The size really doesn’t matter it is up to you! We rounded our top edges to make it look more stone-like.

2)Cut out words and shapes
First we took a Sharpe and wrote out what we wanted it to say. RIP, I WILL RETURN something scary. Then take your utility knife and     cut out the words. Rough up the Styrofoam to give it an older look.

2)cut out shapes with the thinner Styrofoam.
We cut out 2” x 2 “ blocks and glued them around the edges you can cut out skeleton skulls or     bats to glue. For my daughter since     she is only 3 I got some paint out and let her paint away any color any way. She painted hers very bright and very thick, and it     looked great.

3) Paint
Once all your words are cut out shapes glued on you take the spray can at an angle about 8-12 inches away and spray in light     strokes. You don’t want it to turn out all black you want it to look more gray and weathered. I did this to the one my daughter     painted as well and it turned out great.

We had a lot of fun making these I will warn you the mess with Styrofoam in the house is a lot…. But it is all in good fun for Halloween and of course the kids had a blast making them. They are both very proud of their Halloween tombstones!

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